Do not do everything at the same time.

Do not try to solve all your questions at once. First, study one side of your problem, writing online for money then switch to another aspect of the study question. As you deeper understand the structure of the individual elements of your field of study, you will not be able to synthesize their separate blocks of information full-fledged scientific work. Remember: synthesis is preceded by analysis. Or, in other words, go inductive way (from the private to the general).

Apply the system approach.

Start research with the idea of ??how you plan to collect and organize notes and data. For current students the object of collection and processing of various information is a computer (laptop, netbook – it does not matter).

First, write full bibliographic references to books or other sources, and then, after reading these very sources, analyze the findings, correlate them with your thoughts and ideas that you should have in any case, if you write serious scientific work. We would like you to use your computer more effectively if you conduct a study. To do this, we advise you to create databases (db) with the information received. From such a base, then it will be much easier to find the necessary data than if you were to write everything down somewhere in your notebook.

MS Access

Now on the Internet you can find a huge number of different programs that are easy to learn and that help with ease, without the professional knowledge in creating db, create the necessary db and thereby make life easier. Simply, we do not understand: why again and again look for the data already found, if you can find everything in a fraction of a second from the db created with your own hand? For reference, now all the documentation at the enterprises is transferred to an electronic medium. So do not get scared now abbreviations db and know – the computer helps not only to have fun, it can also help you when writing a scientific paper.

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